A Farm Agrotech is a Malaysia based aquaculture companies that provides Empurau from hatch to patch. We sell Empurau fry, feed, and aquaculture system. We provide expert opinions, technology transfer, and contract farming services to new and existing aquaculture farming projects worldwide.

A Farm Agrotech has spent the last 5 years undergoing R&D to spawn Empurau and formulate the best feed for Empurau. Finally, the company has successfully mass produce Empurau fry and the 'finisher' feed. The 'finisher' feed can enhance the taste of farmed Empurau, make it taste equivalent to wild Empurau. Positive feedbacks have been received from major restaurants.


For agriculture, the company has also been researching on the fertigation culture of rockmelon, cucumber and hot chili in the past few years. Specific formulated water soluble fertilizers have been produced to optimize growth and quality. Several technology transfer projects have been completed to fellow farmers about fertigation culture with or without greenhouse, it covers both highland and lowland crops.

The company mission is to create a sustainable aquaculture solution for Empurau, make Empurau accessible to public at affordable price and conserve Empurau in our nature.


A Farm Agrotech undertakes a wide range of projects within the aquaculture and agriculture farming industry

Here are some of our recently completed or ongoing projects:

  • Farm Consultation on Capsicum and Tomato Fertigation Project, Cameron Highlands, Pahang
  • Farm Consultation on Chili and Rockmelon Fertigation Project, Christine Resort, Johor
  • Farm Consultation on RAS Tilapia Farming in Factory, Bukit Jelutong, Selangor
  • Site Evaluation for Developing Eco Tourist Spot in Melaka
  • Site Evaluation for Developing Empurau Farming Industry and Export in Penang
  • Site Evaluation on Marine Aquaculture Project Site at Spring Hill, Seremban
  • Site Evaluation and Feasibility Study for Eco Tourism Project in Carey Island, Klang
  • Site Evaluation and Feasibility Study for a Commercial Red Snapper Cage Culture in Johor Bharu
  • Site and Farm Consultation on Greenhouse Fertigation at Factory Rooftop, Klang Lama, KL
  • Technical Writing on Business Proposal for Empurau Farming Business, Johor


A Farm Agrotech undertakes a wide range of projects within the agriculture and aquaculture farming industry for private clients as well as local, national organizations.