A Farm Agrotech provides wide range of consultancy in the area of aquaculture and fertigation farming. We aims to provide services to enhance productivity, technical problem solving and transforming into modern farming. For potential investors astutely aware of the great potential of the aqua and agriculture industry and want to develop a new commercial aquaculture, plant fertigation or agri-tourism project but lack of experience and technical support, we can provide the best solution for you.

A Farm Agrotech offers full range of services to aqua and agriculture companies. The list of services provided are listed belows,

Aquaculture Site Feasibility Evaluation
Aqua and Agriculture Business Plan Writing
Aqua and Agriculture Project Consultation Services
Crop Disease Diagnostic and Treatment
Fish Farm Planning and Design
Fish Disease Diagnostic and Treatment
Greenhouse Planning and Construction
On-Site Technical Training
Plant Leaf Elemental Analysis
Plant Fertigation System Design and Installation
Recirculation Aquaculture System Design (RAS)
Site Water & Soil Analysis

A Farm Agrotech is prepared to stand behind any project we develop. Our team can train on-site of local skilled and unskilled laborers, with the ultimate goal to handle the project independently. A typical technical transition period ranged from 6-12 months depending on the project scale and situation.

Fish Farm Design and Construction

Getting the correct information at the start of a project can often be the difference between the success or failure of your venture.

Together with our equipment suppliers and contractors we can offer help with most aspects of fish farm design and construction.

We offer help with the design and supply of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). Be it for fresh water or marine, hatchery, nursery or grow-out, fish culture or the depuration of shellfish, we have the experience on hand to offer the best solution to meet your requirements. From large-scale grow-out of table fish, to high tech research facilities, we draw upon many years of successful system design to customize a sustainable and profitable solution.

Greenhouse Construction

From planning to completion, A Farm Agrotech is there to support you with our greenhouse construction services. Greenhouse construction can involve the coordination of many experts to prepare the site, build the structure, hook up the plumbing and electrical, and install the equipment. Once you decide to use A Farm Agrotech’s greenhouse construction services, we take over as project manager so you do not have to. We handle all of this and more; A Farm Agrotech is there with you at every step. Spend your time planning what to do with your greenhouse once it’s complete, not agonizing over a greenhouse construction project.