Empurau Farming Workshop

A Farm Agrotech and provides aquaculture course at all levels to suit people ranged from entry to corporate level. Our training provides both lecture on theory and practical training focuses on aquaculture fundamentals, fish biology, water chemistry, Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) and disease control.

1 Day Empurau Farming Workshop

RM1500 nett


1. Biology of Empurau (Tor tambroides)

  1. Identification
  2. Farming Conditions
  3. Feed and Growth
  4. Sex Identification

2. Commercial Feasibility Study of Empurau Farming in Malaysia

  1. Demand and Supply
  2. Production Limitation and Difficulties
  3. Production Duration and Cost
  4. Business Proposal for 1 Acre Empurau Aquaculture Project

3. Empurau Aquaculture System

  1. Types of Aquaculture System Design
  2. Opened Flow-Through Concrete Pond
  3. Recirculating Aquaculture System with "Concrete Pond" or "Fiberglass Tank"
  4. PE Liner Based Pond (minimum 0.5 acre per pond), Flow-Through System

4. Empurau Water Quality Monitoring

  1. Water Quality Test, "pH", "Ammonia", "Nitrite", "Hardness"
  2. Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature
  3. Aeration System and Nitrification Process
  4. pH Buffering Method

5. Empurau Disease Identification and Treatment

  1. Quarantine Measure
  2. Disease Diagnostic and Treatment
  3. Salt Bath
  4. Formalin, Methylene Blue Bath

6. Empurau Transport and Anesthetic Procedure

  1. Types of Anesthetic
  2. Protocol to transport live fish for long distance

Fertigation Farming Workshop

A Farm Agrotech conducts fertigation workshop to provide participants a strong fundamental background from production skills as well as the technical knowledge, management, and business planning skills necessary to operate a farm. We emphasizes participant learning in hands-on farm management and practices. Our speakers are publicly recognized as leading experts in their particular fields and frequently featured in media.

1 Day Fertigation Farming Workshop

RM1500 nett


1. Introduction to Fertigation Method

  1. Soil-Based Fertigation
  2. Soilless-Based Fertigation

2. Soilless Based Fertigation

  1. Types of Soilless Media
  2. Seedling Nursery Step
  3. Drip-Irrigation Method
  4. The Importance EC & pH

3. Empurau Aquaculture System

  1. Macro Nutrients and Micro Nutrients
  2. Hormones based Nutrients

4. Preparation of Fertigation Fertilizer Solution

  1. Preparation of Stock A and Stock B Solution
  2. Final Fertilizer Solution (EC and pH adjustment)

5. Crop Management (Rockmelon, Hot Chili)

  1. Seed Identification
  2. Growing Density
  3. Relationship of Plant Stage and Fertilizer Strength
  4. The "Big Four" minerals that enchanced yield and quality
  5. Pruning Practice
  6. Pest Identification and Control
  7. Foliar Fertilizer Identification and Usage

6. Feasibility Study of Soilless-Fertigation Farming in Malaysia

  1. Advantages and Limitations
  2. Production Cycle and Cost
  3. Market Evaluation and Potential